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Katrin's Chronicles:

The Canon of Jacqueléne Dyanne

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13-year-old, Katrin DuBois decides its never to soon to start an autobiography. She needs to set the record straight about the outrageous rumors concerning certain adventures that began when she was in 6th grade. That's when her elder sister, 8th grader J. Dyanne, began exhibiting extraordinary detecting powers. Volume I begins in the late summer of 1968 on the south side of Chicago, a turbulent time before cell phones, laptops and text messages became essential elements of pre-teen life, where local mysteries are solved and the girls discover that the biggest mystery is within themselves.

Katrin's Chronicles: The Canon of Jacqueléne Dyanne – Vol. 1
(Kindle and Paperback Editions available at: www.amazon.com

Katrin's Chronicles: Jacqueléne Dyanne & The Scrying Bowl – Vol. 2
(Coming in 2014)

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